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DC SDS is a member-run organization that, for the most part, is self funded. This means that DC SDS collects dues from its members on a monthly basis. Dues are voluntary and have no bearing on membership in the organization, but they do sustain the work that DC SDS does. Traditionally, we have passed around a hat informally at meetings. Members expressed the need for something a little more structured, and to use the convenience of the internet and plastic money. As a member-run organization, ask and ye shall recieve!

Members who want to pay dues regularly without paper money exchange now have this option:

DC SDS needs money. Though we hate this capitalist system with every fiber of our being, we have to hustle to survive it long enough to overthrow it.

One of the ways you can help us is by buying one of these awesome T-Shirts:
Purple Funk the War Shirt
Black Funk the War Shirt

You can use your Paypal account to purchase the shirts. All proceeds go to helping organize Student Power and Youth Liberation in Washington DC.

Some of where your money goes:

Legal defense for our working class members during and after protest action, in case of arrest
Purchasing equipment (such as sound systems and video projection) that allow us to do more, better, and more frequently!

Maintaining this website, and other DC SDS infrastructure

If you want to donate to organized Youth Liberation and Student Power, but you do not want a shirt, please follow the directions given in our national fundraising appeal:

Dear Friends,

In just two short years, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) has become one of the largest and fastest growing student led organizations, with over 120 active and dynamite chapters in high schools and colleges all over the country. Last summer (2007) was a turning point for us. We had our first Action Camp and our second National Convention, two critical events that involved hundreds of SDSers and strongly shaped the work that happened during this year.

As summer rolls around again, we’re planning another SDS Action Camp, our third National Convention, and actions at the RNC and DNC. The National Convention and the Action Camps will again bring about 300 SDSer’s together for training, movement building, and friendship. That means we need to provide for food, mentors, and housing. Most importantly, we need funds to make sure that SDSers from working class backgrounds or far-away regions are able to come and participate. That’s right – we need money to make democracy work!

We’ve been winning campaigns and organizing successful actions all year – SDS chapters in the Northwest helped organize the Port Militarization Resistance to block US military shipments to Iraq in Olympia, Washington; Virginia Commonwealth University SDS won their campaign to get a sexual assault resource center on their campus; Harvard SDS won higher wages for their campus security guards through a dramatic hunger strike; and DC SDS organized the largest single action in the country on the 5th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq.

At the same time, SDSers have been increasingly targeted for repression. In the past few months, SDSers in DC, Tuscaloosa, Alabama and New Brunswick, NJ have all been brought up on outrageous/sham criminal charges related to actions in their communities. Just recently, SDSers in Tuscaloosa who had engaged in a mock US Army raid as in Iraq with a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) had their bogus charges dropped!

These are signs that SDS has grown tremendously this year in size and influence. But the hard work of organizing is what sustains SDS. Lancaster SDS, a high school chapter, has built a presence in 6 area high schools and epitomizes the successful slow approach of community building and organizing. Chapters around the country are organizing around issues such as opposition to the war in Iraq, environmental justice and sustainability, gentrification in their communities, and building student power on campuses. In the coming year, we hope to organize a national campaign around student debt relief, and continue our work to build a strong, vibrant student movement.