What to Wear ?

We’re calling Obama and Congress out for cheating on the youth with war-profiteering, climate-destroying corporations. On March 19th, we’re gonna catch them with their pants down and speak our minds: “End the War on Terror and commit to our future, or it’s over!”

There will be prizes for the best costumes, group costumes, and best Gaga look-alike. We’ll be doing a street runway show too if enough people get dressed up.

Costuming ideas (group costumes with props are even better):
— business suits or military officer’s attire with lipstick-stained collars, hickeys, sex hair
— congress/white house love motel staff/housekeepers
— supreme court sell-outs
— burlesque everything! lingerie, playful bdsm scenes, etc.
— glam & funk attire
— lady gaga costumes
— your wildest imaginings…

NOTE: We are not down with re-creating scenes of domestic violence or sexual exploitation. Hell yeah, this is gonna be controversial, that’s how you get attention and move things forward. We know we are creative enough to do this without falling back on shock-value violence. We’re trying to make the point that the government is cheating on the people, not playing off oppressive stereotypes the way the Tea Party movement does.

Weather and Safety:
— be prepared for the elements (spring rain? and pray for clear skies), layers
— sunscreen for burnable people
— comfortable footwear (shoes/boots you’ve already broken in)… sandals/open-toes not recommended
— glasses are safer than contacts in the unlikely case that the police use chemical weapons
— bring water, power snacks


Aside from picking out a fly costume, we’ve got a few pointers…

Make plans with friends: the most effective actions are a collaboration of small groups that have their own plans working together, rather than a herd of people awaiting orders from the leadership.
— write some fun chants
— write/re-write a song and bring lyrics to hand out
— bring drums, other instruments
— plan out a choreographed dance
— plan a skit
— bring props, puppets, etc.
— bring party favors, games (twister?, double-dutch?, spin the bottle?), etc.

Be nice to your body: rest well this week, stretch, exercise a bit, and do whatever it takes to get yourself grounded. We need level heads in the street.…