Crypto Games Enjoy Growing Popularity

The immense fame enjoyed by bitcoin and other altcoins have paved the way for related economies to boost their sales too. One of the examples comes from the gaming industry which has created popular applications based on the leading technology. Currently, there are a number of games that allow its players to mimic virtual trading, develop their own crypto mining farms and also reward winners in micropayments.

Bitcoin Mining Simulator

The game lets its users to become a bitcoin mining tycoon. It allows you to buy virtual rigs for producing bitcoin and gain profit from selling them at market values. Initially, one gets few machines to start operation and slowly is able to own their mega mining farm. Aliaksandr Prakarym, the developer of the game, believes that a user gets the chance to build a farm to get a return on the investment (ROI).

Crypto rider

The game is funnier than others as it involves two-dimensional racing on the price charts of mainstream digital currencies. Developed by Superfly Games, it asks the racers to collect blocks to release 9 crypto’s themed vehicles. The developer states, “Compete for the top spot on global leaderboards! Shill your high score to your friends with the sharing feature.”

Bitcoin Evolution

The app proposes a player to become extremely rich by tapping bitcoin which makes it more addicting than others. Again, it starts your journey by making you manage a bitcoin business for mining coins and gaining profit from its sales.

The developer, Romit Dodhia, explains, “Invest your virtual mined income thoughtfully and grow your virtual bitcoin firm — Soon you will be the most popular virtual bitcoin capitalist and earn billions with your smart business. But be aware that you will face all the problems that a successful merchant needs to go through. And don’t forget to launder your money!”

Majority of the games are not original and are mere copies of simulated mining. But, some of them are educational, entertaining, and even pay out small fractions of virtual coins. Even though they claim tags of free BTC the reality is not that free. The games can be highly addictive and be misleading at times.

On the other hand, the crypto space was met with negative news when Apple terminated all crypto related apps from its App Store. The popular smartphone developer took the decision after researching the impact such apps has over battery life.

It was argued that crypto mining apps use a greater portion of phones power which leaves minimal energy to stimulate other operations. Moreover, a person can use a network of the interrelated devices to mine digital coins. The decision is true in case of major virtual coins like bitcoin and ethereum that require immense computing power to solve complex mathematical problems. But, the apps were majorly used for mining smaller cryptocurrencies which were enjoying considerable usage from iOS devices.…