Want to Start an SDS Chapter at your school?

DC SDS is excited to help you organize students at your school. Whether you want to organize to kick recruiters off campus, for more environmental school policies, for socially responsible education, for accessible and affordable tuition; we would love to help.

We can help you start a chapter from scratch, even if you're the only person interested at your school right now.

Right now our Chapter Building Working Group is collecting resources to help budding chapters grow, and seeds of chapters germinate. We have two initiatives at the moment:

  1. A census and a survey for new chapters, to let us know how and where we can help:

    "DC SDS wants to do everything we can to help you organize students at your school for positive social change. Take a second to go over this form and let us know what we can do to help you. Feel encouraged to ask for tons of help, or just for a little bit. Also, please let us know what would be helpful to your chapter that we aren't offering so we can work on that. Thanks for being a part of our expanding student movement! We're growing stronger and stronger every day because folks like you are getting involved!"

  2. An organizing guide of movement resources for students who want to organize a chapter:

    "We are in the process of creating a chapter organizing guide for up-and-coming DC Chapters. The guide will be a collection of resources from past and current organizations that inform the way that DC SDS organizes. Please check regularly to view this guide's content as it develops."

Sign-Up Sheet