Stop Cheating Us Out of Our Future: No Love Call-out

March 19, 7th Anniversary of the Iraq War
3:00PM @ Farragut Sq. (17th & K St. NW), Washington DC
second meet-up at 4PM, TBA

No love for corporate criminals.
Stop cheating us out of our future.

Obama owes his election to the young people who fell in love when he promised to end the affair between government and big business. 2 years later, he’s cheating on us with the same war profiteers and climate criminals who've been doing the nasty with Congress and the Presidents before him.

War is betrayal. Obama is expanding the War on Terror in the Middle East & Central Asia. He’s taking advantage of record unemployment and college costs to drag young people into endless resource wars.

We’re caught in a bad romance! We want more than a new face on the same system. We can’t have a future together if Obama keeps playing us like the last guy did.

* No love for corporate criminals
* End the War on Terror and commit to our future
* Sustainable recovery, not recession empire
* Free education & green jobs, not military recruitment

Wear your brightest, most fabulously funkadelic gear, rock your stunner shades like Lady Gaga, and throw on them dancing shoes. Bring friends and make plans to add to the party (choreograph a dance number, bring some chants, instruments, puppets, props, etc.) And stay tuned on the internets for trainings, parties, and other events during the build-up to March 19.

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Housing and Convergence Space at Camp OUT NOW:
Beginning March 13th on the Washington Monument lawn -- trainings, workshops, and networking space through the week -- Civil resistance begins March 22
Camp OUT NOW's stated objective is to: "Clog Washington, DC every week day through diffuse Civil Resistance (CR) actions to have the effect of tampering with 'business as usual' in the Capital of the United States of America."

Funk the War is brought to you by: DC Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the Funk the War Organizing Crew: a collaboration of students from Howard University, George Washington University, American University, Georgetown University, George Mason University, University of Maryland College Park, Montgomery College, Ann Anslem Community College, local high schoolers, and other youth activists.

get funky,

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