March 19: Funk the War 9 - Bad Romance

Funk the War, light the bed on fire, and break free from this bad romance!
Washington DC, March 19, 7th Anniversary of the Iraq War
3:00PM @ Farragut Sq. (17th & K St. NW)
second meet-up at 4PM, TBA

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Going to the Street Party: What to Wear?!
Costuming ideas; weather & safety; how to prepare.
When you're going to a fancy party, you've got to ask yourself, "What to wear?"...


2/27. Health & Safety at Street Actions

3/6. Street Action Legal & Jail Solidarity Training
3/7. Funky Mobile Tactics Training
3/13. Affinity Medic Training (8 hours)
3/14. Street Action Legal & Jail Solidarity Training

3/15. onwards. Camp OUT NOW! DC convergence on the Washington Monument Lawn (15th St NW & Constitution)
3/15. 5pm Legal Briefing @ Camp OUT NOW!
3/16. 2pm Non-violence Training @ Camp OUT NOW!
3/16. 5:30pm Legal Observing & Know Your Rights @ Camp OUT NOW!

3/16. 7pm CASJ Funk the War Tactics Training @ American University

3/17. 2pm FtW Mobile Tactics Training @ Camp OUT NOW!
3/17. 5:30pm Mining, Militarism, and Community Resistance from Appalachia to Central America (panel discussion) @ Camp OUT NOW!

3/18. Funk the War Pre-Party Shakedown Concert & Dance Party featuring the Cornel West theory w/ DJ Underdog and Head-Roc

3/19. Funk the War, 3pm @ Farragut Square (17th & K St. NW)

3/27. DC-Area Radical Student & Youth Federation Gathering

Stop Cheating Us Out of Our Future: No Love Call-out
No love for corporate criminals. End the war and commit to our future.
Obama owes his election to the young people who fell in love when he promised to end the affair between government and big business. 2 years later, he’s cheating on us with the same war profiteers and climate criminals who've been doing the nasty with Congress and the Presidents before him...

Call to Action: Break Free from this Bad Romance
Student power against Obama's recession empire

Obama's got us singing like Lady Gaga, “I want your love and all your lover's revenge.” Thousands of anti-war youth fell in love with Obama and dropped everything to build his campaign. He seduced us with promises of hope and change from Bush's abuses, all the while refusing to give up his lust for the War on Terror...

What's about this "Bad Romance"?
Annotated argument for funking it now

...The recession is killing young people's prospects and military recruiters are circling like vultures. In the US, youth unemployment is at a record high 50%, with twice as many black youth as white youth unemployed. No options means a racist poverty draft. That's how recruiters are surpassing their quotas for the first time since the Viet Nam War. The only other time they came close to today's numbers was during the recession of the early 1980s...