Funk the War 8: October 7: 8th Anniversary of the Afghanistan War

Flyer handed out on the day of - 4.25"x11"

Funk the War Press sweep: we scour the interbutts so you don't have to. But if you did, leave a link in the comments!

Protesters Mark 8 Years of War in Afghanistan - Washington Post (When we got within a 10 block radius of the Washington Post building, they pulled down the security gate in front of their doors, and put riot police in front of the shutters. Feeling a little bit of chickenhawk guilt there, WaPo? You suckaz weren't even on our list.)
Jake Mayday RVA's Flickr
Washington Post for some reason has our picture in this article
Seeing Aspects' Flickr
Demotix people's news
PHOTOS: FUNK THE WAR - Brightest Young Things!

Protest Marks Afghan War Anniversary - Fox News
Recruiter painted, Blackwater lobbyist STORMED!
DC-SDS Funk the War 8: Afghanistan 8th Anniversary Tour - Alex Lotorto!

Funk the War storms Blackwater lobbyists after recruiter gets paint job - DC Indymedia
Recruiter painted up, Blackwater lobbyist STORMED - DC Direct Action News
D.C. Students For Democratic Society Protest 8-year Afghan Conflict - WAMU

D.C. Students For Democratic Society Protest 8-year Afghan Conflict - WAMU

Hi-fives to whoever did this:
Military Recruiting Office Vandalized - Fox 5 News
White House, Pentagon Struggle Refine AfPak Strategy News Channel 8

Hi Hater!
D.C. Chapter Alert: 14th and L St. Recruiting Center Targeted By SDS, Wed. Oct. 7, 2009 (Complete failure, not a single one of them showed up. Also, someone got to that recruiting station before we did, so double FAIL.)
Small Protest Against U.S. Involvement in Afghanistan Moving Through Downtown - Our perennial yuppie haters!
Video: Quiet US demo speaks volumes - Al Jazeera (This is how the press works: They come to your action with a preconceived story (or perhaps the story half-written at the office). Then when they are presented with another story (100 local kids come out for the first student-run protest specifically against the war in Afghanistan, a war that is being fed to the population as the "good war" of the "peace candidate"), they look around for evidence that they can continue writing that preconceived story. When they interview five excited kids who want to talk about the reason they are protesting, and then they net one kid who they dupe into talking about the reason there aren't other people there (HOW THE FUCK SHOULD HE KNOW? HE SHOWED UP!), they throw out the other footage, and soldier on with their pre-written story. A news story is only as positive as the writer and the worst interview.)

Promo material:
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October 7th will mark the eighth year that the U.S. has been at war with Afghanistan, under the auspice of fighting “the war on terror.” In eight years under occupation, tens of thousands of Afghans have been killed by U.S. air strikes, bombs, and bullets, and the Afghani infrastructure has been devastated.

In just one day of this war, May 4, 2009, U.S. air strikes killed over 150 Afghan children, women, men in a village in Farah province.

Join DC Students for a Democratic Society on October 7th and FUNK THE WAR. We'll be dancing through downtown DC to raise a ruckus and make our voice heard.

Meet us at Thomas Circle at 3:30! We'll be leaving the circle once everyone is there.