June 24th, 9PM: Summer Walk-In Theater Presents: Bread and Roses

July 24th, 9PM. @ the corner of Morton & Georgia Ave. NW
Half-sheet Flyer in English and Spanish

Come enjoy a walk-in movie with popcorn and sweet tea! We'll be projecting the film onto the blank white wall of the house on the corner and discussing it in the parking lot of the grocery store right next door.

Plot summary:
Maya emigrates from Mexico and works as a janitor in Los Angeles. Her managers treat her poorly, and she feels powerless as an undocumented immigrant. But after a chance encounter with Sam, a union organizer who is evading the security guards in her building, she confronts her fears and her manager's mistreatment with a union drive.

As Maya unites with her coworkers to take back control of their lives from their bosses and the immigration officials, a love story blossoms between she and Sam. This film is rated R, and will be shown in English with Spanish subtitles.

Our location is quite metro accessible: 4 blocks south of the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro station: