May 1st, 9PM: Summer Walk-In Theater Presents: Office Space

May 1st, 9PM. @ the corner of Morton & Georgia Ave. NW
Half-sheet Flyer in English and Spanish

Come enjoy a walk-in movie with popcorn and sweet tea! We'll be projecting the film onto the blank white wall of the house on the corner and discussing it in the parking lot of the grocery store right next door.

Plot summary:
Stuck in a dead-end job during a period of mass layoffs, Peter Gibbons visits a Professional Hypnotherapist to try to solve his anxiety at work. But when his hypnotist dies, he is accidentally cut free from the constraints that made him an easily manipulable cog in the corporate machine. Watch Peter stop worrying about his job and start worrying about his life.

Enjoy International Worker’s Day (May 1st) with a movie about fed up workers like all of us who hate their jobs, their bosses, and the hoops they make us jump through daily. This film is rated R, and will be shown in English with Spanish subtitles.

Our location is quite metro accessible: 4 blocks south of the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro station: