From the Archives: Funk the War 3 A New Hope Reportback Video

It took (well, Daniel took) a long ass time to get this together, but it's finally done!
IMPORTANT: This video is best viewed fullscreen, with bumpin' speakers that have huge bass. Any less than that and your viewing pleasure will be impaired.

The third Funk the War took place on March 19th (the 5th anniversary of the War on Iraq) in Washington DC. Read more about it here

Want to Start an SDS Chapter at your school?

DC SDS is excited to help you organize students at your school. Whether you want to organize to kick recruiters off campus, for more environmental school policies, for socially responsible education, for accessible and affordable tuition; we would love to help.

We can help you start a chapter from scratch, even if you're the only person interested at your school right now.

Support DC SDS! Look Fly Doing It!

Funk the War T-Shirts are now on sale on our website!
You've seen us rockin' 'em since March, and, if you didn't act quickly back then, you've not been able to get your grubby paws on them since. Well here's your chance!

The shirts are hand-silkscreened by DC SDS members, and purchased from Alternative Apparel, so they fit amazing, they're soft as a baby's bottom, and theoretically you don't have to feel guilty about sweatshops (though there was no mention of the word "union" on their website).

Check out the All New Support DC SDS page to get ahold of one, or buy seven and people will think you never change your clothes.

Solidarity with the Workers' Occupied Factory at Republic Windows and Doors!

12/11/2008 - 16:00
12/11/2008 - 17:00

From the Archives: Funk the War on the Poor featured in Head-Roc's, "Change in America"

Head-Roc is a local legend hip-hop act in DC, and he performed his single "Change in America" for the Funk the War on the Poor demonstration this past summer, recording our demonstration for the backdrop of his music video.

Thanks Heddy!

Celebratory Funeral March for Capitalism

11/15/2008 - 10:00
11/15/2008 - 13:00

Location: Murrow Park
Street: 18th & H streets NW

The word "crisis" has been big lately: The climate crisis, the energy crisis, the food crisis, the housing crisis. Flooding, fuel wars, food riots, and foreclosures have turned the news into one long obituary for "free market" ideas. They said "crisis is opportunity" but when the financial crisis finally came around, the geniuses that run the world woke up, shit their pants, and decided that maybe capitalism was on life support.

The G20 are coming to Washington, DC on November 15 to breathe life into their dying ideas. We're showing up to unhook the feeding tubes from the Monster of the Market and throwing the best funeral ever. Come out in your sunday best, throw flowers, say a eulogy, and beat your chest as we march away from the G20 morgue and towards the birth of new ideas and a new world.

It's a terrible thing when parents outlive their children, but it's a glorious thing when children outlive their tormentors. We call on the G20 to stop all heroic measures and let their patient die without dignity. This isn't a living will, it's the Will of the Living. We're bringing the leaders of the world a DO NOT RESUSCITATE order, 'cuz we got a baby on the way and it's going to be beautiful.

DC Students for a Democratic Society is joining with the newly formed GLOBAL JUSTICE ACTION, along with a coalition of local, national, and international organizations, for a weekend of events.

Rally & Demonstration for Accessible Education!

11/14/2008 - 16:00
11/14/2008 - 17:00

download 8.5"x11" flyer

DC Students for a Democratic Society, a chapter of the largest student-run organization in the country, will hold a demonstration at the Department of Education office to present a letter to Secretary of Education Spelling demanding that the DoE acknowledge student debt as a crisis and involve students in policy decisions nationally and locally. Representatives from various DC area universities and high schools will be presenting the letter.

We are uniting with chapters around the country in this national Day of Demands for Accessible Education.

Why are we doing this? Students have a right to a role in shaping their education, especially in a time where economic crisis makes it harder for them to obtain higher education. Education in the United States is not accessible and, contrary to what department's slogan claims, many children are left behind. In the nation's capitol only 59% of students graduate from high school, and 88% of 8th graders can't read at grade level. These students are the same ones who are preyed upon by military recruiters, sending them to war with the promise of cash. We think that this is a travesty.

Meanwhile, student debt for college graduates has doubled in the past decade from $9,250 to $19,200 and more graduates are defaulting on them than ever in history. It is clear that college debt is our financial crisis. When the Federal government has bailed out Sallie Mae and banks with billions of dollars, the Department of Education must do its job and help students get an education. We are going to make our voices heard at the Department of Education because education is a right, not a privilege.

Folk Show for Mountain Justice

11/05/2008 - 19:00
11/05/2008 - 23:30

Surprises? What Surprises? - Featuring Tom Frampton from Riot Folk & his friend Sid
Spoonboy - Local Agitator
Here's to the Long Haul - Mountain Resistance Music

Also, Here's to the Long Haul will present a workshop on Mountaintop Removal and Coal Power.

Al Fishawy People's Media Center
4132 Georgia Ave NW

$5 suggested donation

8.5"x11" Flyer for the show

Funk the War at the RNC!

Funk the War has spread like a fluorescent colored disco fungus across the map of the United States, and infected youth with militant anti-war disco fever.

Now we’re at the Republican National Convention, incorporating our booty shakin' beats into the RNC Welcoming Committee blockade strategy the best way we know how: we're going to dress fierce, we're going to blast our music loud, we're going to party hard. Meet us at the corner of Cedar and Colombus (at the southeast corner of the capitol grounds) at 4:00 on September 1st, and we'll show these stuffy politicians: When our bass rumbles, empires crumble.

War is a waste of our Youth! Funktocracy is in the Streets!


Persepolis @ Summer Walk-In Theater

August 22nd, 9PM. @ the corner of Morton & Georgia Ave. NW
Half-sheet Flyer in English and Spanish

Come enjoy a walk-in movie with popcorn and sweet tea! We'll be projecting the film onto the blank white wall of an abandoned house and discussing it in the parking lot of the grocery store right next door.

Plot summary:
Marji Satrapi grows up In 1970s Iran, and lives through the Iranian Revolution of 1979, when the hated Shah is overthrown and the future is full of the potential of the Iranian people’s democratic dreams. However, as Marji grows up, the revolution and the new Iran turn into a repressive tyranny. Marji, now a rebellious teenager, refuses to remain silent at this injustice, and her parents send her to Vienna to study and keep out of trouble. As Marji starts a new life in Vienna, she finds her new surroundings filled with quirky characters and profound disappointments. But when she returns to Iran, her rebellious character is out of place there as well...

This movie is rated PG-13, and will be shown in English with Spanish subtitles.

Our location is quite metro accessible: 4 blocks south of the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro station:

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