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Funk the War Materials

We've gotten a lot of requests for our Funk the War design work, our Funk the War mixes, our sticker sheets, and etc. We are more than happy to provide you with everything we can (via the internet) to make this happen in your city/school!
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DC-SDS Chapter Organizing Manual

We are in the process of creating a manual for organizing a chapter at your school. Check here for progress on this manual

Pamphlets written by members of Students for a Democratic Society

  • DC SDS Quartersheet

    A quarter-sheet flyer for use in tabling. Includes a short description of the things that SDS does, some pictures of DC SDS actions, and our boilerplate.

  • Borrow and Loot

    From the author, Daniel Tasripin, Hunter College SDS: "The zine deals with two critical aspects that myself and other people of color have been dealing with in the movement are a part of, with an essay on white guilt as well as one which is more of a case study in how a self-professed most-radical of all organizations still carries on the legacies of white supremacy. In addition, there's a handy reading list of great books on race that I'd like to get more play."

  • Did you just say class?

    From the author, John Cronan, Pace University SDS: I believe it contains not only a new look at class analysis but helpful ways to battle class oppression within SDS and our movements.

  • Toward a Student Syndicalist Movement or University Reform Revisited

    The classic essay on student organizing written by Carl Davidson, SDS member, in 1965.

  • How to Organize a Mass Walkout

    Timothy Horras, of Tent State SDS at Rutgers University explains the lessons and successes he learned from organizing the Great Rutgers Walkout of 2007, and teaches us how to stage our own walkout.

  • Student Organizing Basics Primer

    Philadelphia SDS organizer Faye Bibeau wrote this excellent student organizing pamphlet as an appendix to the Final National Convention Bulletin.

  • SDS New Bulletins

    The National SDS News Bulletin, the first national publication by Students for a Democratic Society, was created through a structure proposal at the 2007 Detroit National Convention.

Pamphlets Written by Others

  • Said the Pot to the Kettle

    From publishers Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness: "the second edition of our landmark zine, which explores feminist thought as un-dogmatically as possible." A great introduction for men to the issue of patriarchy.

  • Beyond Voting

    Anarchist organizing, electoral politics, and developing strategies for liberation. by Chris Crass

  • What is a Democracy

    Do we truly live in a democracy? Can the people rule themselves? Do we even live in a republic anymore?

  • The Shock of Victory

    The biggest problem facing direct action movements is that we don't know how to handle victory.

  • ¡Fuera Ulises! A Graphic Account from Oaxaca

    In the summer of 2006, the people of Oaxaca in Mexico overthrew their government and attempted to establish a politic based on popular assemblies. For a brief time until federal troops forced this movement underground and in exile, the people of Oaxaca were free. This is an anarchist perspective of that story.